UXWizz has been recently rebranded from "userTrack".

You might still find references to the old "userTrack" name in this documantation or in the product itself.

What is UXWizz?

UXWizz is a self-hosted website analytics platform. Thousands of website owners and web agencies use UXWizz to privately get insights into their traffic and improve their websites. View stats, heatmaps and session recordings, track events, run A/B tests and increase conversion rates without sending your data to third-party companies.


If you have not yet purchased UXWizz, you can view the prices here. If you have already purchased a UXWizz license: THANK YOU, every purchase increases the updates frequency, documentation and support.


To get started with UXWizz you first have to install it. After reading the requirements you can go directly to the installation section.


Have you already installed UXWizz and have recorded data but you are not sure how to interpret it? Read the usage tips to see the recommended ways to take advantage of the recorded data.

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