NGINX 403 Forbidden screen on WordPress


A 403 Forbidden or 404 Not Found screen is shown when trying to access the UXWizz WordPress plugin dashboard.


Direct access to the UXWizz plugin folder is needed in ordered to view the dashboard.

By default, nginx should use index.html as the index of the directory. If this is default is change, you have to make sure index.html is used as index.


Set index.html as the index file for the UXWizz main directory

server {
    listen 80;
    # ADD THIS PART vvv
    location /wp-content/plugins/wp-usertrack/userTrack {
        index index.html;
    # ADD THIS PART ^^^

Still not working?

Sometimes there might be some security plugin or firewall rule to disallow direct access to the wp-content folder. Make sure that the UXWizz root folder is white-listed for direct access.

Here are some links to how to whitelist a folder in most popular WordPress security plugins:

The path /wp-content/plugins/wp-usertrack/userTrack should be allowed and accessible in your browser.

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