The A/B test JS file is missing


After the initial installation you might notice that, if you checked the A/B testing feature when including the tracking script, the domain.ab.js file is missing, returning "404 Not Found".


This happens because the AB testing file is only generated once at least one AB test has been created and published.


A. If you are not using AB tests, include the tracking snippet without this feature

Go to Domains->Wrench icon (for the domain you want to change the tracking snippet) -> Include the tracking pixel.

Disable the A/B tests feature and copy the tracking code. Update the tracking snippet on your domain.

B. Create and publish an empty test

If you do plan to use A/B tests but don't want to create one yet, you can still generate the A/B test file by going to A/B tests -> Add new test (bottom right) -> Publish Tests

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