Resetting the admin password

If you no longer remember the admin password the only way to reset it is by changing it in the database.

For security purposes the password is stored in the database SHA256 encrypted and uses an unique salt per user.

Steps to reset the password:

A. Using the MySQL console

You can set a new password for the admin user using this MySQL query:

UPDATE ust_users SET password=SHA2(CONCAT(salt, 'NEW_PASSWORD'), 256) WHERE id=1;

Make sure to replace NEW_PASSWORD with your actual password. If you want to reset the password using this command for a different user, you can change the "WHERE" statement to name=username.

B. Using PHPMyAdmin:

1. Access the ust_users table in your database.

2. Copy the contents of the salt column from the admin user.

3. Decide on your new password, and prefix it with the salt: saltMyNewPassword123

4. Encrypt the salt+password as SHA256.

5. Save that encrypted value in the password field.


So let's say the salt in the DB is f57efb9fa449 and you want your new password to be XXXyyyZZZ

You concatenate them: f57efb9fa449XXXyyyZZZ

Get the sha256 encrypted value using the site linked above: 7ABE3FCED2D3A6FD77D4D703C3C24B6D1634B4F351380C0154A6ECA64AAE3EA4

Save the above hash in the password column of the admin user in the database:

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