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Installing UXWizz on a server should take under 5 minutes if you know how to:
  • Upload files to your server
  • Create a database
  • Include a JavaScript file in your website pages
If you don't know how to do any of those steps, don't worry as they are explained in the installation guide and you can always contact support for help.

Server requirements

UXWizz is self-hosted.
You must use your own server/hosting (either shared, VPS or dedicated).
It is recommended to use the LAMP stack:
  • PHP >= 7.3 (pdo_mysql, zip extensions enabled)
  • MySQL >= 5.6 or MariaDB >=10
  • .htaccess support (eg. Apache, LiteSpeed)
  • Access to create a database and upload files to the server
You can use those guidelines to decide what server configuration to get depending on the amount of traffic that your website gets:

Client requirements

  • HTML5 doctype
  • userTrack's ust.min.js JavaScript tracker must be included on your site.
    • You need access to include a script or edit files on your website.

Other recommendations

  • Google Chrome browser is recommended for accessing the UXWizz dashboard.
  • Large monitor resolution is preferred for improved experience (1080p or larger)