[Deprecated] License Subscriptions

A subscription dashboard and management system is currently being implemented. Meanwhile, for any requests or questions please contact us via email.

To manage or cancel your monthly license or support/updates subscription, please visit https://paddle.net or email support [at] uxwizz.com.

There are two types of subscriptions:

  • A. Monthly license (deprecated) - the license is valid only while the subscription is valid

  • B. Yearly support/updates for the lifetime license - the license is valid in perpetuity, but you only have access to new versions or support while your subscription is valid.

The subscription model has been deprecated in the favor of lifetime licenses + one-time paid subscription/updates renewals. This makes a lot more sense for a self-hosted product and it's also better for customers to not have to worry about having to cancel a subscription renewal. In this way, you can use the product without paying anything and only renew your support period when you need support or see a useful update that you want.

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