Usage tips

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Usage tips


Here are a few tips on how to make use of the heatmap data generated by userTrack.

1. Unused call-to-action elements

If you have buttons, links or other interactive elements that the user is supposed to click on but using the heatmap data you noticed low to no activity on them you should consider:

  1. If it's not a core element of your site you can entirely remove the element as it has no real-world use to the user and it occupies space and is a distraction for the user.

  2. If the element is actually important for your site and you want the users to click it try making the element more visible by:

    1. Ensuring there is a high contrast between the element and the background.

    2. The element has enough white space around it and is not very close to other important call-to-action elements.

    3. Make sure the element's text accurately represents what will happen if the user clicks it.


1. Gray "play" button and fake visitors

If there' s a gray play button next to a user it usually means:

  1. The visitor was actually a bot or fake visitors. You see this gray button a lot if, for example, you advertise on Facebook which currently sends a lot of fake visitors or bots.

  2. The visitor left the page immediately, before any data could be sent to the server. This could also happen if the user opens your site in a background tab and closes that tab without ever viewing your site.

2. Panic clicking

If a user clicks multiple times in the same spot and nothing happens it might be because he would expect for something to change when he clicks that spot. Don't make elements look like buttons if they are not one. This couldalso mean that the button is not working properly or it's buggy.

Other stats

  • I find very important the list of referrers presented in the main dashboard. Notice which websites bring most traffic to your page and try amplifying this traffic by increasing your presence on that site.

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