Ask AI (NEW!)

Ask AI is a new feature in UXWizz that allows you to get insights of your stored data with the help of an AI chatbot (LLM).

To use this feature you currently need an OpenAI ChatGPT API key. You also need to have enough credits in your OpenAI account (e.g. $10). Note: The AI model can and will make mistakes or provide incorrect queries.

How does it work?

  1. You type your question. e.g. "How many visitors came from Google versus directly?"

  2. The question, together with the database schema and some instructions (system prompt) are sent to ChatGPT.

  3. The AI generates a MySQL query that answers your question.

  4. The MySQL query is displayed to you. You can then send the query for execution to your local database to get the results.

  5. The output is displayed as JSON in the chat.

Soon, there will be additional ways to display the results (graphs, exportable csv, files, images, etc.)

Example query

TIP: You can simply press Enter with an empty input to get some question/prompt ideas.

Selecting AI model

You can change the model from the top-right Settings -> GPT Model menu. Currently, only OpenAI ChatGPT API and models are supported.

Coming soon! * Generating charts from the resulted JSON * Ollama local AI support (ChatGPT alternative) * ChatGPT completion summary (time spent, tokens consumed, estimate cost).

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