Frequently Asked Questions

Unique Visitor Tracking

Yes. UXWizz does not store or use cookies. Read more about Personal Data on user's device here

Is a visitor uniquely tracked across sessions?

Not with high accuracy. By default, a hash of the IP and user agent of the user is stored. This can be used to approximately see all sessions of the same user, but it is not always accurate.

How can I track more accurately a visitor across sessions?

You can create a unique identifier, store it in localStorage and tag user's sessions using Tags. For example, by adding this snippet:

UST.addTag('token_' + (localStorage['ust_token'] ||= UST.randomToken())) This will store a random ID in localStorage and tag each session of this user with this ID.

Generate custom dashboards

Can I generate custom graphs/charts using UXWizz?

No. UXWizz does not come with a graph editor, but your data is stored in a simple MySQL database. You can use any dashboard generation tool that comes with MySQL connection support. For example: or or any MySQL database viewer.

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