IP Geolocation

The Country and optional City of each recorded user session is stored in the database and displayed in the dashboard.

The geolocation is done based on user IP using the freely available IP geolocation database provided by https://db-ip.com.

To switch between Country and City level tracking go to Settings->Tracking settings and click "Download city geoip database" (or "Disable" to delete it):

UXWizz automatically detects whether a city database is present or not and will use it for newly tracked sessions.

Manually uploading an IP geolocation database

Country-level geolocation:

If no city database is present, the default country one will be used ip-database.mmdb

The default ip-database.mmdb database will be overwritten automatically every time you update to a new UXWizz version.

To enable city-level geolocation:

  • Upload an IP geolocation database file named ip-database-city.mmdb to your UXWizz server inside the /server/helpers/geolocation/ folder

    I recommend the City Lite Free DB from db-ip.com.

  • Download the mmdb file (extract it if the extension is .gz)

  • Rename it to ip-database-city.mmdb

  • Place it inside the /server/helpers/geolocation/ folder.

An Apache server restart might be needed for PHP to detect the new file.

To disable city-level geolocation rename or remove the ip-database-city.mmdb.

Increasing the accuracy of IP geolocation

IP geolocation is in general only an approximation and not extremely accurate. One way to increase the accuracy is to purchase a more accurate database like the DB-IP Location one and preferably update every few months to the latest version.

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